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New and Improved Full Crane Antisway Motion Software for RSLOGIX.  Make your AllenBradley based crane system into a fully automated system, customizable to amost any customer’s automation requirements.  Version 4.0 now easier than ever to implement within an existing RSLOGIX crane project.  From simple antisway modulation of operator speed demands to coordinated horizontal and vertical motion in straight paths and around danger zones.  Import our programs and Add-on Instructions in a few minutes and replace our placeholder tags with your existing tags.  Load your frequent position destinations into our database and use your HMI to direct operations.  If you have simple layout you can use our button management to respond to button presses and control button lamps.  All on-site commissioning and calibration steps are supported with our built-in commissioning tools. 

At Last--Entry Level Antisway.  SmartCrane announces the launch of its new AntiswayComplete product designed specifically for smaller cranes with no PLC or controller.  Upgrade your simple overhead crane from contactor controls to a safe, efficient, easy-to-use, automated crane with SmartCrane’s hardware and software.  Functions include operator-assist antisway control or pushbutton automatic move to selected destinations.  Package includes 32-bit SmartController with high protection rating IP 67, commissioning display, relays, lights, buttons, and wiring components.  Assemble it yourself from the kit or order custom factory installation in your choice of cabinets.   No programming required: all easy-to-use commissioning steps are supported using the commissioning display screen.   All at a surprisingly low price.  Call or email for more information.


Improved Safety.  SmartCrane’s fully automated move controls the load, prevents dangerous sway at every phase, and stops the load precisely at the target, every time. This eliminates the need for people to handle loads or attach guide straps or ropes.  The load always behaves itself, without endangering workers.

Increased Productivity.  SmartCrane automatic moves take place at full rated speeds, accelerating and decelerating within rated motor ramps.  Cyclic duty cranes, as in maritime container operations, experience immediate productivity gains of 30% or more.

Reduced Structural Stress.  Every uncontrolled swing of a load places horizontal stress on the crane structure, eventually leading to stress cracks or failure.  SmartCrane’s sway control limits the sway to the minimum needed to accelerate and decelerate the load at the ends of the move, or at turns.  SmartCrane’s optional S-Curve smoothing coddles structures and operators alike.

Reduced Training Requirements.  With SmartCrane, even an untrained operator can move any crane at full speed to the destination, with a simple press of a button. 


Open Loop. Open Loop Anti-sway operates “blind” except for continuous input of hoist, trolley, and crane positions.  Mathematical algorithms apply just the right amount of horizontal acceleration at the right time, to effect a swing-free move.  With high-fidelity motor response to SmartCrane’s variable speed demand, any load can be moved to a new position with no residual sway.

Closed Loop. Closed Loop is required for precise moves to a destination, or for removal of sway induced by non-vertical lift or other causes.  SmartCrane’s products integrate these two methods seamlessly for maximum effectiveness.  Closed loop motion control requires real time sway measurements.  SmartCrane offers a  machine vision camera mounted on the trolley above a passive reflector on the head block or hook, and/or 6DOF Inertial Measurement Unit on hook or head block.  SmartCrane uses the tracking data to remove sway at initial hoist and to make final adjustments to minimize both residual sway and position error simultaneously.


Software. For simple open-loop sway control in a crane that already has its own PLC, SmartCrane offers software libraries to host the anti-sway algorithms.  Open loop, closed loop (with customer-supplied swing measurements), and automatic positioning are supported.    We support Allen-Bradley, GE, Siemens, ifm Efector, and Beckhoff PLCs.  Other brands can be supported but may require an engineering fee.

Hardware. SmartCrane offers a number of machine options to support its software.  For highly complex installations requiring travel in up to three dimensions and around obstacles, an external PC may be required.  If both open- and closed-loop solutions are needed, all anti-sway software is hosted in a single, small machine vision SmartCamera (called All-in-One).  For the basic crane without a PLC, SmartCrane offers a complete solution including mobile controller, hoist sensor, and operator display at a surprisingly affordable cost.

PLC Interface.  The SmartCrane external PC and SmartCamera both operate on an Ethernet LAN, exchanging data with using industry standard MODBUS-TCP. SmartCrane can supply or recommend Ethernet Gateways for proprietary networks if Ethernet is not supported.

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Anti-Sway Automation for Any Crane

Anti-Sway Automation for Any Crane


Moving heavy loads by crane is dangerous, time consuming, and requires extensive operator training.  SmartCrane’s antisway software provides fly-by-wire control of crane motion, allowing safe moves at maximum rated speed, every time, with minimal training.