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Software For Rockwell Automation PLCs (RSLOGIX)

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SmartCrane™ Anti-sway is computer-controlled operation of trolley and/or gantry speeds for the purpose of reducing or eliminating sway caused by horizontal motion.  The SmartCrane™ software accepts demand inputs and generates real-time data to be supplied to the crane drive(s). 

The key SmartCrane algorithms are delivered as source code protected and licensed Add-On-Instructions (AOIs).  Many unprotected AOIs are also included as necessary to run the software.   Everything needed is delivered in a Program labeled SmartCrane, two routines to be added to the customer program, plus a unique set of Controller Tags required for the interface. 

The patented SmartCrane™ Anti-sway Control uses an open-loop algorithm that eliminates load sway induced by trolley accelerations and decelerations.  It is contained in one AOI, called SC_OpenLoopAntisway.

The open loop control responds to velocity demands and inhibits nearly all added sway  in all demand sequences. The open-loop algorithm does not correct existing sway (about which it has no information) but simply preserves the initial sway throughout a movement event.  The sway will be the same at the end of a move as it was in the beginning (zero if sway was zero at the start).

The Automatic Move AOI, called SC_AutoMove, drives the horizontal speed demand to move from the current position to the supplied destination position, in one dimension.  It generates a velocity demand which is passed for execution to the open loop algorithm for sway control.

The Path Following AOI, called SC_Path, adjusts the maximum speeds in two travel directions such that the automatic move algorithms will follow a straight path and arrive nearly simultaneously at their respective destinations.

The Destination AOI, called SC_Routes, allows for the selection of pre-stored destinations as well as safe lane definitions and complex motion paths, in two dimensions (see Function Libraries). This AOI inhibits motion for required safe hoist heights and can be configured to produce hoisting and lowering commands automatically.

The Button Management AOI, called SC_Buttons, allows the user to interface directly with BOOLEAN button tags for an operator to select from permanent destinations or to save their own temporary destinations, much like saving a station in a car radio.

The Closed Loop Antisway AOI, called SC_ClosedLoop, allows the user to supply real time swing measurements which the AOI then uses to correct for any residual sway at the end of a move.

Getting Started

The Installation and Maintenance manual includes instructions for installing SmartCrane Program, Controller Tags, and Main Program interface routine in a RSLOGIX 5000 or STUDIO 500 PLC project.  Certain AOIs are “Embedded Key” protected so its logic and data cannot be viewed or monitored except when a SmartCrane USB key is mounted in the computer running RSLOGIX 5000 or Studio 5000 software.

You will import components, connect tags to existing tags, and enter values for permanent tags.

You will learn how to take swing timing data and enter the results in SmartCrane tags, then run a routine that generates swing correction parameters.  Alternatively, you can send those data to SmartCrane and receive parameters in return.

You will also receive license keys to be loaded in Controller tags.  If you transfer the software to another machine you will need to purchase new licenses and enter these new keys in the correct locations.

SmartCrane™ products are supplied as import files, containing a complete program with Add-On-Instructions (AOI) written in Structured Text (ST).  Some AOI source and internal data are protected using LOGIX Designer’s “Embedded Key” system.  The code is only editable during a visit from a SmartCrane representative.  The table below describes the individual products.

All components will be included with each delivery, however license strings will be provided only for the components ordered.  If you decide in the future to implement additional functions, all that’s required is a separate license key.