SmartCameras for Cranes



Smartcrane offers SmartCameras for a number of applications.  We supply enclosures and mountings for any environment.

Tracking Functions. We use SmartCameras to track motion using passive targets designed for high contrast and minimal false tracking.  The targets, being passive, do not require any power or communications cabling on the spreader or hook.  The targets are easy to maintain and inexpensive to replace if needed.

The smartCamera software detects and tracks the target, even if the target rotates.

Removing Residual Sway.  Anti-sway software uses camera tracking data to discover sway phase and amplitude.  It uses these estimates to compute short trolley movements (pulses) designed to remove the sway.  The software can make its estimates whenever the trolley is still and the load is suspended.  Depending on customer desires, the sway removal pulses may occur at the beginning of a move, at the end of a move, or both.

Pulse Direction and Timing. The SmartCrane software calculates these pulses to achieve either a simple goal in a manual move: remove the sway, or a more complicated goal in an automatic move: removed the sway and at the same time reduce the final position error.


Fixed MountsThe camera and target should be mounted such that the camera view is vertical and the target appears near the center of the image.  The camera and its enclosure can be mounted in any of four rotations.  The target must be aligned with the camera, in any case.

Movable Mounts.  For boom cranes, the camera enclosure must be allowed to pivot as the boom luffs up and down.  We offer a swinging enclosure that can hold one or two cameras, with either fixed or variable lenses.  A fixed focal length is required for accurate swing measurement, while a zoom lens might be better for image display to the operator.

Since the camera can swing, it is necessary to measure the pointing direction of the camera to support the tracking process.  We offer camera swing measurement either by digital encoder or by inertial measurement unit.  Digital encoder is best for boom cranes on stable platforms, but on ship or barge the inertial measurement unit will be required.

We offer several varieties of enclosures for the fixed mount and a weatherproof, stainless enclosure for movable (swinging) mounts.

Image Display.  The SmartCameras not only supply tracking data but can be configured to supply image data as well. 

The image contains crosshairs at the target tracking location plus a level “bubble” indicating the location in the image directly below the camera as calculated from the swing measurement device.

The operator can use the bubble to determine when the load is directly below the boom tip and safe to lift.

We supply remote software for display of camera image data on a customer’s computer, independent of anti-sway.  Anti-sway touch screen user interfaces are all equipped to show the real-time images, in 1X, 2X, or 4X compression.

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